Map of Parkland Recreation & Enrichment Center Site

Information Panel B

You are at Information Panel B (Near Panel #18) Map of Parkland Recreation & Enrichment Center Site Click on any numbered map marker for artist info Then, for street directions, click right arrow on red bar. PHOTOJOURNALISM ENLARGED The Cities of Coral Springs and Parkland, along with the Coral Springs Museum of Art, commissioned Carl…

Flotation, Photo by Carl-Philippe Juste / Iris Photo Collective

Panel 18

Surviving, coping, caring, healing, creativity and sanctuary were some of the themes that Big Picture Fellows Geoff Bergey, Dena Lowell, Kim Iezzi, Maria Nelson, and Darian Williams explored. They drew inspiration from participation in four Big Picture photojournalism workshops, led by Carl-Philippe Juste and C.W. Griffin. They kept journals, shared deep conversation and took on…

Photos by Carl-Philippe Juste / Iris PhotoCollective

Panel 17

In the video on Panel 12, Big Picture Fellow, Darian Williams, shared some of the images and music he has created while participating in the Big Picture: Resilience photojournalism workshops. In this video by Carl-Philippe Juste & C.W. Griffin, he speaks about growing to accept himself. Video by Iris PhotoCollective View the other panels

Photos by Carl-Philippe Juste and C.W. Griffin / Iris PhotoCollective

Panel 16

In this video, Big Picture Fellow, Maria Nelson speaks about hosting a Bullets for Life organization event, founded by her friend Susan Kennedy. These workshops engage women to dismantle donated live bullets and create jewelry, which is then given to families affected by gun violence. Maria invited photojournalists Carl-Philippe Juste and C.W. Griffin to her…

Bullets for Life Sisterhood, Photo by C.W. Griffin / Iris PhotoCollective

Panel 15

Particularly close to Big Picture Fellow, Maria Nelson’s heart is a “Pop and Sip” event she hosted for the Bullets for Life organization, founded by Susan Kennedy. In response to gun violence, women gather in sisterhood to disarm donated bullets and transform them into jewelry. View the other panels

Baptism, Photo by Kim Iezzi / Big Picture Fellow

Panel 14

Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything. – Aaron Siskind Besides the photo essay on her mom, whose memory loss is central to their relationship, Big Picture Fellow, Kim Iezzi, also uses her…

Boy in the Pool - Photo by Maria Nelson / Big Picture Fellow

Panel 13

Big Picture Fellow, Maria Nelson picked up her camera “as a form of resilience to help get me through this hard time.” This selection samples the diversity of her subjects. …and a video by Carl-Philippe Juste & C.W. Griffin / Iris PhotoCollective Video by Iris PhotoCollective View the other panels

Photos by Darian Williams / Big Picture Fellow

Panel 12

Video by Iris PhotoCollective Music and photography are vital to Big Picture Fellow, Darian Williams. In this video slideshow, a diversity of photo subjects by Williams and portraits by Carl-Philippe Juste and C.W. Griffin play over an excerpt from “Energy,” a musical piece Williams composed with friend Andres Karam. View the other panels

Untitled, Photo by Geoff Bergey / Big Picture Fellow

Panel 11

Photography has become an essential means of finding peace and fulfillment for Big Picture Fellow, Geoff Bergey. Here’s a selection of his work in color, including subjects from near home and far afield. My attitude is my gratitude. Intestinal fortitude. –Geoff Bergey View the other panels

Happy, Photo by Dena Lowell / Big Picture Fellow

Panel 10

Obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it. –Michael Jordan   Some of Dena Lowell’s photography captures moments of challenging self-reflection. Other images celebrate traditions of family. These photos exemplify resilience. Being at…