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Iris PhotoCollective Big Picture: Resilience project.

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The Cities of Coral Springs and Parkland, along with the Coral Springs Museum of Art, commissioned Carl Juste’s The Big Picture: Resilience as part of the cities’ Bloomberg Public Art Challenge program “The Power of Art: Inspiring Community Healing after Gun Violence.”

During the summer of 2019, Iris PhotoCollective led a series of workshops exploring the use of photojournalism as a form of self-expression, focusing on ideas around healing, resilience, bearing witness, and capturing history.

The multi-part workshop gathered fifteen participants from the Parkland and Coral Springs communities, affected by the tragic shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in 2018. They were encouraged to create images that spoke to the definition of resilience, which eventually became a part of a catalog, as well as a public art presentation entitled The Big Picture: Resilience, installed at the Parkland Recreation & Enrichment Center.

Eighteen 4×8-foot photo panels feature the work of Iris PhotoCollective and five workshop participants who were selected as Big Picture Fellows because of their skill, courage, and commitment to their craft. The Fellows were asked to create photo essays of special moments and journal about their experience. Members from Iris PhotoCollective documented key moments of these resilient journeys. Use the QR codes on these panels and links on these pages to learn more about the work and their experiences.

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